About PCAC

Our purpose is “to support and encourage arts activities in Park County”. Our objectives are to:

  • Facilitate communications between arts interests and the public throughout the County by a newsletter calendar of cultural events and promotions.
  • Sponsor arts programs of performances, exhibits, workshops, seminars and other events.
  • Interface with other arts organizations throughout the county, state and nation.
  • Complement and enhance school arts activities through workshops, classes and technical assistance where needed.
  • Sustain the organization through fund drives, gifts, donations, memorials and memberships.


The National Endowment for the Arts was established by Congress in 1965, which then formed arts agencies throughout the United States. Wyoming Council on the Arts was established in 1968 as a result, and worked under funding difficulties for several years. Local arts agencies were encouraged at that time, and several were formed across Wyoming. It was not until 1985 that the Park County Arts Council was formed.

Local arts groups were called together in an attempt to define the purpose, see if there was a need in Park County, and to become legally sanctioned. Articles of incorporation were drawn up by Bill Simpson, Cody attorney. The IRS 501.(c)3 was obtained in order to be a non-profit group. And a dance program was booked, Zivili, to be performed in the Northwest College auditorium. Marge Simonton was engaged as executive director for $100 for what was to be 20 hours a month.

Jack Way was president, Barbara Smith, Treasurer. Other members were Linda Parko, Debbie Deery, John Banks, Jim Terry, Peter Hassrick, Janet Meury and Debbie Munn. A fund drive was held immediately and things were underway. Several attended the Wyoming Arts Alliance Blockbooking session in Riverton that fall and in due time a schedule of events was booked.

And. . . that’s the way it was.